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Surabhi Feeds is a leading manufacturer of high-quality karuka bran and other bran raw materials. Our parental company A.Duraisamy modern Rice mill which is well established as Rettaikili . Now we are stepped into our next identity in feeds unit as Surabhi Feeds.


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Our Products

Karukka Bran

Brand: Surabhi Feeds

Type: Karukka Bran

Ingredients: Paddy seed rejection and kranthi karukka

Recommended: Useful for good milk yielding and high SNF.

Huller Bran

Ingredients: 7-8 percent of oil

Benefits: Is a good energy source for cows

Recommended: Cows for energy source and cattle feed manufacturers.

Husk Bran

Benefits: It is a rice source of fiber

Recommended: For cattle feeds


Protein: 16 percent

Recommended: poultry, cattle and fish feed manufacturers


Protein: 46 percent

Recommended: poultry, cattle and fish feed manufacturers

Ensuring Purity and Cleanliness

Surabhi's Benefits

  • Add our product to feeding at all stages of breastfeeding, and offer drinks often. More milk will be produced by a healthier cow.
  • As we make the feed from high-quality raw materials, we can produce more milk while using less feed.
  • Higher health protection for cows since we place a high priority on hygiene and safety measures
  • Our goods are free of soil, stones, and fungus because we take additional care to filter the raw ingredients.
  • Surabhi Karukka Thavidu (Bran)  is useful for good milk yielding and high SNF
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What’s our client Say About us.

About Surabhi Feeds

Nurturing Cows With Quality Nutrition

Since our establishment in 2015, initiated as a sub brand of RettaiKili now it has grown into a enterprise increasing of production capacity day by day. Our company has experienced remarkable growth. Your one-stop destination for premium cattle feeding products! We take pride in being a leading manufacturer of high-quality karukka bran and various other bran raw materials.

The same standard of quality every year

We exceed expectations to ensure the utmost quality of our bran.

OUR Process

State of the Art Milling Process

In Tamil Nadu, we have been producing Rice Bran of the highest quality (Karukka Thavidu & Huller Thavidu) for dairy animals. Our line of rice bran (Karukka Thavidu & Huller Thavidu) was developed utilizing the most recent nutritional research to assure the greatest outcomes for dairy animals. We are a leading supplier of animal nutrition products to the livestock sector. We are devoted to quality, safety, and ongoing development.
Our milling process is second to none. We have invested in state-of-the-art mills that are specifically designed to produce the best quality bran. These mills are equipped with advanced technology, ensuring precise grinding and consistent particle size.
We ensure quality raw material for quality feeds. Buy Surabhi Karukka bran wholesale and retail to benefit your cows for healthy and high milk production.
Factory Mixing

Factory Mixing

Precision Grinding

Precision Grinding



Final Packaging

Final Packaging

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Surabhi Feeds?

Energy Source

Surabhi Bran provides a readily available source of energy for cows due to its carbohydrate content, making it beneficial for lactating cows or those with higher energy requirements.

Digestive Health

The fiber in Surabhi bran aids in maintaining proper digestive health in cows by stimulating rumen activity, promoting efficient digestion, and preventing digestive issues like acidosis.

Nutrient Supplement

Surabhi Bran contains essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that complement the nutritional needs of cows, supporting overall health, reproduction, and milk production.


Cows find bran palatable, making it an effective ingredient for improving feed intake and encouraging consistent consumption of their ration.

Weight Management

Including bran in the diet can help manage the weight of cows by adding bulk to the feed, providing a feeling of fullness, which may help control overeating and maintain a healthy body condition.

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S.No: S1/1d2, Circle Thottam, Puttur Itteri Road, Nethimedu, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636002

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